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Free guides to claiming disability living allowance, attendance allowance and incapacity benefit.

Disability Living Allowance
and other benefits information

There are two components to DLA, which can be claimed separately or together, Mobility Component and Care Component. Disability Living Allowance is a benefit concerned with personal care and/or getting around. It can be claimed as an individual with a disability for them or by a carer for someone else with a disability.

It possible for people to claim DLA for their children if they need help doing certain things for example dressing, washing and going to the toilet or need help getting around. It is important that you contact the
Benefits Agency Helpline 0800 882200 to find out more regarding the criteria required by you or your child to claim either component.

DLA will not affect any other benefits; in fact it may mean you are entitled to more. For further information on other benefits you may be entitled to, see below.


Bridging Allowance

This is for people under 18 and between a training course or a job.

Job Seekers Allowance

Benefit for people actively seeking work and available for work. Mainly for 18 year olds and upward, however in exceptional circumstances 16 and 17 year olds may be entitled.

Incapacity Benefit

Incapacity Benefit is available to those who are incapable of work, or if you are in full time education for less than 21 hours per week.

Income Support

Income Support is a benefit for those with a low income. It is not paid to people in full time work or those actively seeking work.

Housing and Council Tax Benefit

If you are responsible for the rent on your home and you receive a low income you may be entitled to housing benefit and council tax benefit.

Child Benefit

Is a benefit paid to the parent or guardian of a child under the of 16 or a child in full time education under the age of 19.

The Social Fund

This is a Government fund set up to provide for those in need. There are various loans, grants and payments that can be applied for.

Working Families Tax Credit

WFTC is paid to workers on low pay with children who work 16 hours or more per week.

Disabled Persons Tax Credit

DPTC can be paid in the form of an allowance to disabled people who work 16 hours or more per week.

Invalid Care’s Allowance

You may be able to claim this if you care for some one more for more than 36 hours per week and not be earning more than £70.00 per week.

Blue Badge Scheme.

If you get DLA at the higher rate you may be entitled to this privilege.
Contact your local Social Services office.

Library Services

Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Audio Books and Cassette tapes are free of service, order and fine charges. Available at all LCC Libraries when you show them your DLA or ICA payment books.

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