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Special educational needs: a guide for parents and carers of children with autistic spectrum disorders

Carolyn Waterhouse and the NAS Advocacy for Education team 

Explains the law relating to SEN, additional supports, who provides them and how to access them. It also includes useful timescales and pointers for parents who want to secure the most appropriate educational provision for their child.

Published by The National Autistic Society, 2006, 34pp, A4, pbk

(Code NAS 664) ISBN    9781905722037/1905722036                   £3.00 plus p&p

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Inclusion in the secondary classroom: support materials for children with autistic spectrum disorders

Joy Beaney and Penny Kershaw

Packed with useful strategies and practical  photocopiable work materials this book will be an invaluable resource for SENCOs and all mainstream staff. The ideas and methods suggested by authors will benefit a whole range of the students in the school, not only children with an ASD.

Published by The National Autistic Society, 2006, 64pp, A4, pbk, illustrated
(CodeNAS 658) ISBN  1 905722 02 8                                        £10.99 plus p&p

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Going to the hairdressers: a guide for children with autism and Asperger syndrome

Laura Slade, NAS Autism Helpline Team, illustrations by Dennis Ayris 

Many people with autism hate going to the hairdressers. This booklet explains why a child might become distressed when having a haircut and suggests strategies to help.

Published by The National Autistic Society, 2006, 16pp, A5, bklt

(Code NAS 654) ISBN    978 1 905722 00 6/1 905722 00 1                        50p plus p&p

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How to help your autistic spectrum child: practical ways to make life run more smoothly

Jackie Brealy and Beverly Davies 

'Full of sensible and useful advice.' Jane Asher, president of The National Autistic Society.

The book shows simple techniques for communicating with your child; how to control problem behaviours such as flapping, tantrums and obsessions; how to give the rest of the family the attention they need; where to get backup and other help; how to choose the right school and how to cope once your child is there.

Jackie is a parent of a child with AS and also works as an LSA.  

Published by White Ladder Press, 2006, 182pp, pbk  

(Code NAS 656) 1 905410 05 0                           £7.99 plus p&p

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Baj and the word launcher: space age Asperger adventures in communication

Pamela Victor
This entertaining adventure story aimed at 7-11 year olds will capture children’s imagination while exploring the complexities of the social world. Children can read about Baj’s experiences independently or with a parent or helper, and the reader can learn about body language and the unspoken rules of communication. “Stop and Think” questions prompt the reader to think about how they feel and react to events in the story, offering opportunities for individualized learning.

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006, 112pp, pbk

(Code NAS 667) ISBN 9781843108306/1 84310 830 5                  £9.99 plus p&p

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