AWARE Webshop
AWARE has recently joined an exciting fundraising initiative that could generate us significant revenue.
We now have a webshop, with the web address
This shop links to many high street retailers websites, and commissions are earned from these at an average of £2 per transaction!

Many supporters are now using our webshop, if you're an Internet shopper please make sure you are using it as your first choice for any internet shopping session.

Retailers lending their support to this initiative are:
Marks and Spencer
Cotton Traders
John Lewis
Carphone Warehouse
and many more!

Quite simply your purchases from this shop will earn commission for us.

You get the same prices as you would if you went direct to these retailers' sites, and we benefit.  It's a win, win for us!

It is great for presents, and items for yourself, home and family.  Just about every commonly bought Internet item is there at competitive prices so it really is a must as a starting point for online shopping.

Why not bookmark the shop in your 'favourites', or even better make it as your home page?

Please do use this shop, and recommend your friends and family to use it as well.

Registered Charity No: 1089617

Web Shop